Bookkeeper Advice for Small Business Owners

I’m a small business owner and all of my finances are on auto pay.  Why would I need a bookkeeper?

As your business grows and you work out ways to fit as much production into your day as possible, it makes sense to take advantage of online banking.   Setting up auto payments and direct deposit to keep current with your financial obligations and transactions saves time.   These conveniences allow you to focus more of your time on areas of your business which directly profit from the application of your skills and abilities.

Despite setting up your financial transactions on auto pilot, this system still requires oversight to make modifications and catch mistakes.   Understandably if the indicators that signal a need for immediate corrective measures are missed, the time you have to spend handling the immediate problem and then tracing it back to the actual source not only cuts into your bottom line but could potentially cause ramifications that tarnish your professional image.

A knowledgeable bookkeeper tracking your financial transactions in an accounting software program such as Quickbooks can free you up to focus on what you do best while provide you with the confidence that your financial transactions are carried out correctly.